Miss America 2015 – 4 Looks from the Runner Up’s

Although these gals weren’t crowned the title of Miss America, let’s just say their formal gowns stole the show. The 4 runner up’s of the pageant embraced neutral colors and showcased them in an absolute beautiful way! Below are the contestants and similar gowns from B Chic Fashions! Take a look, and pick your favorite :)


Miss Arkansas wore a beautiful sheer and beaded black gown. Her simple, chic look was a timeless beauty. Our Jovani 7236 gown has similar panels and sheer material that makes for a classic design.













Miss Virginia rocked a gold cut-out dress that was more daring than the rest. She chose a more edgy look and I applaud her for her daring choice. It looked stunning! Our Jovani 73714 gown has a deep neckline and dramatic slit that gives off the same daring vibes that Miss Virginia pulled off.

Miss Massachusetts chose a floral design, all white gown. The crisp white color and feminine cut gave this dress an all-around gorgeous look and one of my favorites. Our Jovani 90897 gown is a similar cut with lace accents. The cap sleeves add a modest touch to balance the all-over lace.

And lastly, Miss Florida, who graced the stage with her sparkling gown. Her silver beaded dress was definitely a statement piece that called for some jaw drops. Her head to toe beaded gown looked like the most intricate chandelier and she worked it! Our similar choice is the Mac Duggal 78709D that is sure to shine with every step you take.


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*Miss America photos from: http://www.missamerica.org/compete/default.aspx

Miss America 2015 – Miss New York

The Miss America pageant 2015 took place last night and for all those tuned in, you witnessed the gorgeous gowns and evening wear that the contestants wore. Aside from the wonderful fashion gowns, the talent portion was also a must-see.

Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, pleased the crowd with a rendition of Pharrell Williams, “Happy,” while creating the beat with a solo red cup. Her fun filled talent and other portions of the show led her to win Miss America. Congratulations Miss New York! Take a look at her gown here: http://eonli.ne/1wuBWar

Kazantsev’s dress was an all white, long sleeve gown with a chain of rhinestones lining the back. It was simple yet so beautiful. Here are some looks that are similar to Miss New York’s winning gown:


Jovani 89684

The Jovani gown is a simple white dress detailed with just a bit of gold around the neck. Its form fitting design and long sleeve cut is perfectly designed and suits a Miss America look!


Night Moves 6686This Night Moves dress definitely has more of an edge than the first. The sheer sleeves and sheer slit down the thigh work beautifully with the solid white design.


These two looks along with Miss New York’s statement white gown are proof that white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion faux pau but rather a fabulous fashion statement.


Keep your eye out for the next couple of posts- I will be highlighting some of my favorite looks from the Miss America pageant. Can’t wait to share!


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Celebrate in style

In the next few weeks, there are a number of festivities to look forward to and are the perfect excuse for a new dress!

One holiday approaching is Labor Day: This is a major holiday for traveling and some even claim it to be the last big weekend of summer.

Second is my 21st birthday next week! I am beyond excited for this day and I think I have been counting it down for over a year now.

A major travel destination for Labor Day weekend is none other than Las Vegas and it just so happens my birthday is a couple days before that weekend. I will be packing my bags and flying to Vegas and of course celebrating in style.

The occasion calls for a flirty and fun dress. Vegas is the perfect place where it is acceptable to show a little skin and be more bold with your outfit choices. Dresses that look like disco balls and are made up of wild colors are pretty much expected.

For those of you planning a Vegas trip either for Labor Day or at the end of summer, here are a few items I will be packing:


1. Bathing Suit! – I think it’s a must to check out the pool parties and day clubs while in Vegas. A bathing suit and a cute pair of shorts will be my day time apparel.

2. Heels, heels and more heels: Everyone says that you always walk a TON in Vegas, but it just doesn’t seem right to wear sensible shoes or flats in that city. I’ll wear bandaids if I must, but the heels are staying on.

3. Party dresses – Dressing up and checking out the Vegas night scene is what I’m most excited for. Finding a couple dresses that look and feel great will add to the excitement of the trip. The dress also must be easy to dance in or it’s not coming along for the trip.


Below are my top choices for party dresses for either a birthday celebration or Las Vegas. Their short, detailed and unique making them all a perfect choice!


Scala 47488

Scala 47488

Terani Couture 3717

Terani Couture 3717

Sherri Hill 21224

Sherri Hill 21224

Sherri Hill 11162

Sherri Hill 11162

Lace is more

If you’re looking for an extra feminine and romantic outfit- try finding any dress with lace details. Lace instantly adds a feminine and beautiful touch to a dress or outfit that allows it to stand apart from the rest. Lace gives off elegance and class without losing its formal look. Whether you need an outfit for a wedding or any other special event, look for any lace dress and steal the show with your beautiful outfit.

Here are a few of my favorite dresses all embracing a gorgeous lace design:


The Jovani 2627 is a mini dress with a nude slip and white lace overlay. This minimalistic dress is perfect for any summer event where you can show a little leg!




The Jovani 5605 is similar to the first dress but a bit more modest. These cap sleeves and longer hemline make this a great dress for a baby shower or any other family function. Keep things classy and cute while not having to jeopardize any of your personal style.

Jovani 5605


This next gown is one of my all-time favorites. The Jovani 92368 is the definition of romantic and sexy. The mini dress has a sheer lace overlay that flows down all the way to the ground. This dress reminds me of the perfect beach wedding or reception. Say aloha to your perfect dress, and pack it up for your paradise vacation!


Jovani 92368


Now to switch it up, this next dress falls more on the darker side. The dark lace paired with a cream material gives off a mysterious and sultry vibe. The short hemline and flare of the dress also give it a flirtatious feel. The Jovani 159765 gown is your best choice for an upcoming dance or event.


Jovani 159765

And now for a very elegant look, the Jovani 158735 gown is a blush pink, sweetheart style dress with a vintage lace. This gown paired with some bold jewelry and a pin curl hairstyle with embody and perfect look for old Hollywood glam!


Jovani 158735


Hope you enjoyed my favorite lace picks in this post. Take on this feminine look and start showing off more lace this summer!

Flower Child

If it isn’t clear enough from the runway shows to fashion magazines, floral prints are taking over this summer! From soft petals to bold prints, the look is something every girl should try out. Bring out your inner boho goddess with retro flowers or try out a classy look and keep it sophisticated.

I’ve chosen some of my favorite floral prints from B Chic Fashions for this summer trend. Each one is bright, cheerful and waiting for a sunny day to be worn. Pair these gowns with a fun heel and a flower headband and you’re good to go.

Take a look at my top picks:


This Sherri Hill gown is bold and colorful making it perfect for a summer party or BBQ! Show off your tan in this fun dress and feel free to dance the night away.

Sherri Hill 9230


The Terani Couture t837 gown is a much softer look. It is great for an upcoming dance or formal event.

Terani Couture t837

Keep it modern and sleek in the Terani Couture p114 gown. The ombre effect that trails down to the bottom of the dress is so beautiful. The subtle beading around the neckline adds just the perfect amount of sparkle!

Terani Couture p114


And lastly, a look that embodies all that summer has to offer is the Jovani 3099 strapless gown. The bright pink and orange colors look as though this dress came straight from a flowery meadow. Stand out and stand bright in this gorgeous gown. Love!!

Jovani 3099




Will you be my bridesmaid?

A question that brings about excitement, smiles, wedding plans and thoughts of dancing the night away – will you be my bridesmaid? The only dreaded thought behind this question is the stereotypical, not-so-stylish bridesmaids dresses.

Luckily, B Chic Fashions makes it easy to clear that worry from your mind. You will be able to find fashionable, cute and affordable dresses that will make you forget what a traditional bridesmaid dress even looked like. So when your bridesmaid responsibilities are in full swing, make sure to tell the bride where to find the best dresses for her best girls.

Here are a few of my favorite picks for bridesmaids:

Jovani 158983


La Femme 19756


La Femme 19917


La Femme 20562


Sherri Hill 11164


Sherri Hill 21297

Think Pink!

If you’re having your quinceanera coming up, then you know the dress is a major part of the celebration. Traditional dresses are pink, but the finding the perfect shade and fit is the fun part. Whether you are looking for a light pink or a fuchsia, B Chic Fashions has a huge selection to choose from. Here are some of our favorites below but all pink dresses can be found here and here.

Jovani 3606

Jovani 5831

Jovani 17211

Jovani 88224

Jovani 158928

Jovani 159777

La Femme 17138


Keep It Neutral

While bright colors and patterns are fun, sometimes the perfect dress comes from simplicity. A neutral color and simple cut can be the most beautiful look. Something about a clean, elegant look that can surpass any design out there. Of course there is an occasion for both looks, but a light and effortless look can never go wrong!


Jovani is a go-to brand if you are looking for a sleek dress that embraces neutral colors. “The simpler the better” is the perfect phrase to define the dresses below.


This first gown still adds a shine with the detailed sequins but it’s tan color and light sheer make for a soft look.

Jovani 603


A muted blue, gray dress with a light shine is a great look if you want a little color but are still searching for an easy dress.

Jovani 5320

Go for a barely-there look with this gorgeous Jovani dress. This dress is mostly a mesh material along the sleeves, neck and mid-section. The rest is covered in jewels and sequins in a nude shade. Absolutely love!

Jovani 72718


Go for a long gown in this cream and sequins gown. An open back and key hole opening in the front add a nice touch to the cut of this dress.

Jovani 90640


And our last look might be my current favorite. The modest neckline paired with the dramatic slit is a look I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving. This dress gives a new name to a simple neutral palette. The best way to describe it is: Simply gorgeous!

Jovani 78303

Fashion Spotlight – Blake Lively

If there was a name for effortless beauty it would be called Blake Lively. This girl has defined a distinct look that embodies natural beauty and high fashion. She graced teens with her fabulous style on Gossip Girl and has grown to into a beautiful actress who’s fashion has not only expanded but keeps on getting more fabulous.

These two looks from Lively I just adore:

Blake Lively Red Dress

Burgundy has never looked so good. This high neck and even higher slit show off just the right amount while still maintaining an elegant and classy look. The tight pony and minimal accessories allow for all attention on this beautiful dress.

Try out this look with our Jovani 6593 gown. Pair with a silver, strappy shoe and minimal jewelry to feel red carpet glam.

Jovani Red Dress

Jovani 6593


Blake Lively Silver Dress


This dress embraces the glitz and sparkle we love to see on the red carpet. Lively’s loose curls and simple white accessories work perfectly with her jaw-dropping gown. Seriously stunning!

Try out our Jovani 92388 for a similar and sparkly look:


Jovani Dress






Blake Lively photos via people.com

credits : Valery Hache/AFP/Getty

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty


Brighten Up Your Summer

Warm weather and sunny days call for vibrant colors and bold looks that can’t always be pulled off in the winter. During summer, it is the time to shed the layers and try out looks you have maybe never done before. This summer vacation, don’t hesitate to wear a style or color that may seem out of your comfort zone. Summer is the perfect time to try out new and exciting trends!

Here are some current trends that I am loving and that are definitely worth giving a try:


Neon is a trend that we see time and time again, but this summer it seems to be in full swing. Instead of styling your neon look in an 80’s fashion, it is being seen in more classic and formal looks. This Jovani 89408 gown is a great example. It is elegant, sophisticated but completely on trend with the bright neon coral. Coral is such a beautiful color and is a great color to try out this summer.

Jovani 89408

Jovani 89408

Jovani 89408



Some fashion experts are calling orange the new black. Although this might be a far reach, it is surely a color test out. Orange can be found in a vibrant neon or a soft, pastel hue. Both looks can be fun and look great paired with a gorgeous tan. I have found that people tend to be hesitant to try orange but this season, orange is a hot color found in fashion and makeup. If a dress is too much, start out with an orange shade of lipstick or blush to try it out!

Jovani 90520


Bold prints:

This trend is one of my all-time favorites. Wearing a bold print whether it be an animal print or abstract design can be daring but embodies complete confidence! Prints always stand out amongst a crowd of plain designs and show unique style. The tricky part is finding a print that suits you but once you do, don’t be afraid to show it off.

Night Moves 7174MNight Moves 7174M 


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